Savory Grape

Wine choices for a girls night in.
kim weekday mornings on 92 pro-fm. >> ladies, you get out of work, it’s friday, long week of work and not enough sleep. instead of strapping on the stilettos and complaing about your feet hurting all night, why not have a girls night in, save you cash and a pedicure. joining me is jessica from savory grape. good place to go. and you’re talking about the girls night in, and you say it’s so simple. here’s the problem i have. i never know what to pick. i typically drink red wine. where do i even start? >> all you have to do really is come into the shop, many people come in, they have no idea what they like, just come in, tell us what you normally drink, what your price point is, whether it’s under $10, $10 to $15, more, we guide you from there. it’s easy. >> you actually brought in a couple with us right now. tell me about this one here, this first one. >> the first one is a merlot from chi



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