Savory Dishes From Joseph’s Storehouse

Joseph’s Storehouse shows us how to make a fabulous chicken pot pie for the holidays
living.” we are talking about holiday eats and treats and you can find both at jo storyhouse and bakery. good morning to you. and i had a chance to come out and you guys do such a good job at making reall good comfort food, and the bakes goods! you guys make everything fresh daily, right. > fresh daily, every morning. >> oh my gosh, and what if people want to order these cupcakes enormous brownies, can they get them ahead? perng. >> a day in advance, and these advance.and so you can order the bakes goods but the food as well, you guys do amazing casseroles. >> chicken pot pie, and spaghetti, and turkey dinners for the holidays, and we do everything fresh. >> well, we’re going to show you how to make one of the chicken pot pies and so you start with what kind of a crust? >> this is just regular pie crust and we do it ourselves nz the restaurant. >> and then in go a bunch of different vege



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