Savor Recipe: Sushi Rice And California Rolls

Savor Recipe: Sushi Rice and California Rolls
chef marc daniels: “welcome to savor food and life, i’m chef marc anthony daniels, and this is dr. blanc and today were gonna be doing a california roll. you up for the challeng?” dr. michael blanc: “i am up for the challenge and chef you are just making me a hero in my own house because now i can make sushi for my kids. this generation i think if they could eat sushi every day it would be nirvana for them.” chef marc daniels: “okay a few think you need. you need a mat, you need nori which is a toasted seaweed paper.” dr. michael blanc: “i know about nori, that’s my daughter’s favorite snack right now. its low in calories, high in potassium which lowers your blood pressure and its actually high in fiber and it’s got some protein in it so nori is a good starting point for this.” chef marc daniels: “over here we’ve got your sushi rice, that’s a short grain rice. we cooked that down and on



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