Saving With Seth

Saving with Seth
collection. >>> >> your mother may have told you to clean your plate after every meal. the truth is throwing away food can be a waste of money. in today’s “saving with seth” we’re showing you ways to cut back on meals by being creative with leftovers. >> angie abbott: planning is so important. >> seth: purdue extension family nutrition director angie abbott says a little thought goes a long way. >> angie abbott: that means planning your grocery list, planning your meals for the week ahead of time. not only planning you r meals but thinking about if you’re going to have leftovers. what are your going to do with w your leftovers. l >> seth: abbott says using leftovers can save you cash. >> angie abbott: anytime we a throw away food it’s just like throwing away money. in >> seth: all it takes is a ke little creativity. >> angie abbott: anothnger suggestion that we tell families is to coofak



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