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>> times are tough and you enjoy eating out and you cannot spend an arm and a leg no worries. we have tips from a man who has created several chain restaurants himself steven shushler nice to see you. a few “s’s” in there and i got tongue-tied how are you? >> tkpw-rbg mary. my pleasure. >> we are looking at ways to save the most money especially when eating out, so what is your advice? >> well my aadvice is not to eat an appetizer try to avoid having an appetizer an try to share a meal. i often go out with my girlfrom and we don’t order an appetizer we share a meal and we always have food left over. an we get the bill and we’re always surprised about how cheap it is. and i think that is one of the ways that you can save. also, you need to make certain that you go to a restaurant that has a great reputation. listen, when i built the rain forest cafes i know i built a wow but people come b



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