Sausage Stuffing Cooking Segment

Sausage Segment cooking
>>> just a few minutes before 10. throughout the we will week we have been showcasing the holiday recipes that continues this morning on “good morning, maryland” this is renee hunter from timonium. you — this may not be of the healthiest variety. >> definitely right. >> but you say this is in demand every year. >> it is. it is. >> what do we have. >> this is sausage stuffing and it’s five ingredients. simple but it’s just delicious. and it is you want me to tell you about it in where did you get the recipe? a girlfriend about ten years ago which are used to work, we were just talking about thanksgiving day recipes. and she was like my mom makes this recipe with sausage. so i kind of took the basics and tweaked it my selves and made it my own and it’s been in our family ever since. >> you were saying. >> ten years i been make it. >> five ingredients and this brings the house down every y



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