Sausage And Rabe Strata

We’re cooking Sausage and Rabe Strata in the kitchen with Chef John Granta from Camille’s.
state. you can’t get much better thanr camille’s and patrick little, is in the kitchen with twoth of my favorite guys. how are we doing over there, pat? >> so far we’re doing well. >> i want a shot out the window. >> don’t play ball in the house. >> poke your eye out. >> never mind inev the kitchen where there’s things like fire. >> what a shocker. how are you? >> we’re great. >> there’s a hurricanerr coming our way. this might be a good meal too hunker down and eater this. >> we have a beautiful dish. >> put this in the refrigerator and you could eatyo it for two or three days. >> what is it called? >> you look like you’re strugg ling, all hunched over the counter. >> we have a beautiful dish. thisth is a sausage and rabera strata. what we’re going to do in the next pudding, we’re g oing to get it started. the ingredients are crusty bread, which is somethingg rustic, something that’s go



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