Sauerkraut Grandpa

Every fall, 77-year-old Marvin Blaske of Milaca, Minnesota, proves he is still a master of cabbage!
milaca, minnesota man has kept friendships going, and his family fed…with mason jars filled with his sole speciality …. marvin blaske is 77-years-old and is supposed to be retired. for fifty years, he has been a lutheran pastor serving many small communities in central minnesota. but he is also well known for singing the praises of…cabbages. voice of marvin blaske/77-year-old: “they are as hard as a rock, solid, white, really nice.” every fall, marvin cuts these huge vegetables from his cabbage patch before calling in for reinforcements in the shape of his wife louise.louise blaske/marvin’s wife: “are you ready?” marvin blaske: “we’re ready.” louise blaske: “now this is heavy…don’t drop it.” marvin blaske: ” getting to be a good shot!” marvin is a lifelong master of the art of sauerkraut making …taught by his father who, not surprisingly, was of german and polish heritage. marv



Found Country:US