Saturday Night Calzones

We’re cooking two types of Saturday Night Calzones with local CBS Amazing Race finalists Mike Naylor and Louie Stravato.
the kitchen right now. >> thanks, t court. rtlet’s head over to the toboys, patrick, louie and michael, take m it away. a >> two of our amazing race superstars from rhode island, also amazing cooksin apparently, louie and pikal. .i had noi idea you y guys were g w so multitalented. >> we’re very talented. i grew upi in restaurants all my life before i became a b policeman, so i was ready to go. >> my mom always cooked, i ke always learned from her.. >> s can i eat these unnethes? >> can you andan i make e nough that they lasty all weekend and by upon or tuesday, you’re still taking them for lunch.fo >> what goes into this hiconcoction? >> whatever you want tote put inside, whatever you want to empty the refrigerator ourat, i t, put in the calzones, hot dogs and beans, chicken, whatever you have. today we’reto making ham and keys with c heddar cheese and mozzarella on top and roast beef b



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