Satellite Interview With Bonnie Taub-Dix

Tyson Romero talks with dietician Bonnie Taub-Dix healthy shopping at the supermarket.
check for fall. [e3]healthy options to look out for at the supermarket fall is just about here and for many of us, eating as clean as we did during summer can be a challenge. registered dietician bonnie taub-dix joins us in today’s sponsored segment to give us a few tips for this. thanks for being with us, bonnie. oh hi, nice to see you. yeah, we’re happy to have you. now i’m always fighting the urge to eat unhealthy. what are some things i can grab instead that might be a little healthier? well i think it is important to take a look at food labels in the supermarket so you can actually see what you’re getting. but there are so many different choices. food shopping sometimes can be very overwhelming. take plant milks for example. they’re really on the rise, but not all are the same. we can talk about almond breeze almond milk today which actually is a delicious beverage. but a lot of peo



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