Sarpy County Spotlight

Soaring Wings Vineyard talks about all the festivities coming out of their vineyard this summer.
>> do you know what sarpy has to offer? it is find for the sarpy county spotlight. >> we are getting more from one of the owners, sharon. good to see you. and i am excited about this. let’s talk about the winery. how long have you been around? >> we bought our land in ’01 and started planting our grapes in ’02 and started opening to the public in ’04. >> you have this operation and mike and i have both been there. mike and i would say there is a vineyard in this part of nebraska? >> yes. people discovering us. there’s actually 23 wine res in the state. >> yes. it is a huge chunk of land. >> yes. >> that you have there. >> it is great not only for growing but do you a lot of entertaining there, too. >> we to. we have events come in and we have a band coming in and doing acoustic music. this saturday we have our blues festival so we have bands this coming weekend. that is one of our friday



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