Sardinian Seafood

Donovan’s Reef, Connecticut’s first Certified Green Restaurant, was here this morning cooking Sardinian seafood.
branford.. in the city’s historic branford lock works building. now they are proud to be called connecticut’s first.. “certified green restaurant” . joining us this morning from donovan’s reef.. is the owner and executive ef.. greg bozzi. good morning.. branford, ct -. donovan’s reef is proud to be the first certified green restaurant? in connecticut! donovan’s reef has been in business for 20 years,donovan’s reef restaunt is a warm and inviting american grille located in the historic ng in branford center. through their work with the gra, the restaurant has accomplished 11 steps under the gra guidelines. their steps include installing energy efficient lighting, low-flow faucet aerators in their kitchen to conserve water, and a full-scale recycling program. the reaurant is now also composting their food waste. about the green restaurant associationthe green restaurant association? (gra),



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