Saray Turkish Restaurant

Authentic Turkish cuisine.
guys say they havee the besht turk irk restaurant around and a real, authentic tushisheh feeltu. thank you for being here. we were talking duringu inthe break about the auouthentic turkishu food, and when you put that label ton, that is difficult because even region has its own cuisine. >> that’s correct. e they have air own traditions, own c ustoms, and the way of making meals. let’s say on plaque black cksea sideof the turkey, they use hazel nuts and southern they use y pistachio nuts on most of the desserts. >> i do use who is there, is that part of it? >> our restaurant addresses on the east, on the west, south — >> you try to cover tall the regions. >> we try to cover all t he regions. >> what are we making todangy, an appetizer and entree. >> the eggplant salad. >> he is getting started ono the eggplant salad. a mix of peppers. >> a mix of roasteda bell peppers, green peppers. we



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