Saray Cooks Authentic Turkish Recipes

Saray Turkish Restaurant cooks authentic recipes.
glad to be here. >> tell us about saray. you’ve been open about three ars now. >> yes, we’ve been open about three years. we’re locationed in west haven. we have a very large dining rom at we can serve up to 125 people at the same time. we do have take outs. we also do catering. >> he is a chopping pro over there. >> yes. >> he is started already. we’re doing an apetizer, entree and dessert. >> yes. >> you’ve gotten started on the appetizer, which is what? >> eggplant. we fry the eggplant first and then saute the vegetables to stuff in it. >> you peel the eggplant first and fry it up. >> yes. >> and the vegetables are? >> onions, gren peppers, red peppers, garlic, salt, oregano, black pepper, and then a litle crushed red pepper. >> and you let that all cook right up. >> cook that up. at the same time we will saute the pine nuts. >> is that for the eggplant? >> that is for the eggplant. w



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