Sara Mayer Rachel Ray Contestant

Sara Mayer Rachael Ray’s March Menu Mania contestant vote for her at this link http://www.usatoday.com/life/rachael-ray-contest.htm
at&t. at&t. your world. delivered. >> it may soon be her claim to fame, chicken ranch barbecue crcent squares, that is her recipe, but she’s got to get enough viewers to vote her into rachael ray’s march mania an we’re going to help. >> yes! this competition started with over 1200 recipes and now only the tasties are left standing. sara mayer is in the runing and here to fill us in on her secret is miss mayer. thank you so much for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> you entered this contest on a women because you are a d – on a wim because you are a fan of rachael ray. >> i thought why not. >> you’re working now in marketing but what peaked your interest? >> i was off a little while, unemployed, searching the web sites and how can i make some extra money and there was a cash prize at the end of this. >> we should update our viewer because just this morning you went



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