Sante For National Kidney Foundation

Drinks and food education to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland. And you can learn a few things about making a good drink.
>>> jamie, tell us about another event associated with this. >> the chief bartender at the b & o, thanks for coming here. tell us about this benefit for the kidney fund. >> it is awe food, wine — well, a food and beverage event really to raise money for the national kidney event for maryland. my portion will be cocktails and beer education. we’re gonna have people from all over baltimore and all different restaurants from the b & o my own restaurant to wine market court, lynnwood. so really, spanning all of baltimore. >> you will be making beverages for summer drinks, right? >> i will be doing classic cocktails at the event, so today i will make you the classic dakerry, which — daiquiri, which usually — >> we’ve got tom cruise over here working. >> oh, yeah, shake it up. >> the classic daiquiri is just a simple shaken cocktail, but a lot of times, the classic daiquiri today we



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