Santa’s Helper

Bartender Desiree Ross of Cowesett Inn joins us this morning to show viewers how to make the holiday drink “Santa’s Helper.”
at’s it called? >> santa’s helper. >> i want to have what the big man hasma had. what do we got? >> we’re going to start out with half ounce of pomegranate syrup. >> that just looks awesome. >> followed by 3 ounces of lemona de. >> excellent. and topped with 3 ounces of iced tea. >> oh, niles. i love good iced tea. >> so do we mix it upt or keep it the way it is? >> keep it the way it is and a garnishrn it with a mint sprig and you have a santa’s helper. >> let’s try this out. >> oh, that’s tasty. i like that. that’s very, very good. i know if i walk into cowesett inn and i say cardi’s between now and the end of the year, half off my first drink, right? >> yes. >> nothing wrong with that. that’s a beautiful, beauful thing and he with ait contest on line, we are asking our viewers to create their hone drink. the prize is a cardi’s gift certificate. rt atcan’t beat it. for the recipe and t



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