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cookies from cookie exchange queen
it. back to you! >> thanks, jim. jim from house of flowers in oshkosh. back in the kitchen with robin olson, has a wonderful cookbook if you’re into baking at all. it’s just fabulous, called the cookie party cookbook. it’s all about having a cookie party, especially this time of year. what a fun idea! you bake cookies, everything else does, they’re all exchanged. >> a party that benefits non bakers. because non bakers can’t do what i was trained to do when i was in. bake 12-15 kinds of cookies for 3 days for 8 hours. who does that these days? you get the benefit of the cookie exchange. i believe all non bakers can bake one type of cookie. >> i’m with you on that. i do a mean chocolate chip. >> we don’t allow those in the cookie exchange. all the non bakers would make them, then you’d have 15 kinds of chocolate cakes. you go home with the benefit of 20 different types of home baked cookie



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