Santa Lucia Festival

Melissa and Courtney from the festival talk about the activities, bands, and great food on tap all four days this weekend.
>> and the santa luchia festival and filling us in courtney carney. thank you for being here. it starts through a thursday and runs through monday, correct? >> czech. >> and they can get out there and enjoy the festival, right? >> right. >> what is going to be going on? >> we will have great bands including the band group puppet. >> who said that? >> and on saturday we have lemon fresh jay will coulding out and a variety of aye talein music going on. >> let’s look at the events. i guess we have a schedule of the events listed tomorrow night it it is the opening really from 5 until 10:00 and there is entertainment tomorrow night. >> right. d.j. how wee will be out and they’ll have the karoake going. >> and friday? >> friday we work until 9:00 and they’ll take the stage at 8:00. sunday we are open noon until 10:00. and then monday we will close out the festival. we will open at 5:00 and be



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