Sandy’s Peanut Brittle

Sandy’s Peanut Brittle Helen
>>> .(1-shot). after the memorial day barbecues, you m ight be looking to satisfy your sweet tooth . in this wee k’s helen magazine segment, we’ll tell you where you can find that ‘something special’ .(take pkg). >> laura: have au a hankering for a sweeter treat? or, are you looking fo r the perfect gift? you can find it all at something spec ial. 2:30 >> sandy smith: mostly i hear, it’s the best they’ve ever tasted and sometimes i hear they don’t i w ant to buy i us open the bag and eat the whoagl e thing! >> laura: the sg!weet aromas of sandy smith’s peanu t brittle hang in thee air….or is that the fudge o r maybe the popcorn bayblls? >> nats .(popcorn being stirr ed ). >> laura: sandy smith is the woman behind the decad ent delights. 1:10 >> sandy smith: i started out doing it ngfor family and frifoends and someone said, “you really nee d to sell this.” so, iel searched for a kitche



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