Sandwich Recipes

Sandwich recipes
>>> not every recipe has to be new and flashy. when it comes to lunch, the tried and true are some of the best out there. rhiannon is showing us rescue sandwich recipes. >> she is back and sharing some of her favorite recipes from her cookbook rescued recipes. >> these are the stories and the recipes of our lives. the ones that have been passed down from generation to generation, and we don’t want to lose them. we have rescued them in this first cookbook. >> they’re easy, which i love. >> so easy. >> a new take on a classic sub. >> it is. it is a party in a bowl with all of your favorite cold cuts. it is simple to do. a fresh crusty french bread bowl and carve out the inside. and don’t throw it away. >> we can use these. >> use it for croutons. don’t throw it away. then you start building your sandwich. extra virgin olive oil to enhance the flavor, mayo, mustard, whatever you like, cream



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