San Miguel Plans To Sell Stakes

San Miguel plans to sell shares in units to finance acquisitions. (The Trade)
come true. thank you for joing us this morning. the biggest food and drinks maker in the philippines considers selling shares to finance acquisitions. francisco has more. it seems that senegal is on a buying spree — it seems that san miguel is on a buying spree. >> they have been selling food and beverage related assets supposedly to fund investments in power and energy and infrastructure. and power from its biggest acquisitions have been an agreement to buy a stake in the trunk a mother refiner, and also to buy a stake in the manila electric co.. the idea that they are selling food assets to buy another food, though, is surprising — and other foodsurprisingdole, – to buy another food, dole, is surprising. >> let’s pick up on manila electric. >> they said that there had been talks between san miguel and pldc. there was talk of them selling their shares to pldc. that was denied. they wa



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