San Miguel Investor Talks

San Miguel looks for buyers for stakes in their Pure Foods unit which sells processed fruits and for Ginebra San Miguel. (The Trade)
to taking a pay cut and hours cut red and losing your entire job. — rather than losing your entire job. san miguel is best known as a bma company. how’s that going? >> there are looking for buyers for stakes in their pure foods unit which sells processed fruits and for their ship making unit. for the food unit, there was a news paper report that said they were in talks with carmel — hormel. this is a stake sale that they have been pursuing over the last few years. > the biggest shopping mall operator rose last quarter. are you trading on that sock? >> trading has not yet begun today. the interesting thing to note is that it is up 8% in the second quarter, about the same pace as the first quarter. what would be interesting to watch is the second half results, because both telecom and another company have said that the second quarter is looking a bit weak or there is some weakening in th



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