San Antonio’s Best Christmas Cupcakes With Kate’s Frosting

Festive flavors you can pick up for your holiday party
>> welcome back to “san antonio living” we are in the kitchen with kate, and i love it when you’re here. >> and we went all out for this season. >> it has to be a very busy time for you. >> no sleep. >> but a lot of sweets. >> yeah! >> okay, so holidays, you have some great new flavors throughout for the holidays and you are doing holiday cupcakes. >> yeah, they make a great centerpiece and then there is something for everyone to take home. >> and this is great. i have to test these out. >> this is called the bomb, and it has a ganache and a filling. >> and what is this? >> the in your year’s selection, the pink champaign cupcakes with real pink champaign in the frosting and these are my new favorites can jac daniels flavoring — >> and new years we have you covered as well. because back to the holiday at hand, let’s talk about this. this is my favorite? >> it is, this is the ruby slippe



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