Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot, the “fan favorite” of the Emmy-Award winning Top Chef, is teaming up with USA Pears, a non-profit farmers group. He will explain to us how to create healthy sweet creations using fresh fruit instead of processed sugars. Sam was diagnosed at a young age with diabetes which has become a uniquely creative driving force for this cooking style and recipes.
our nort next guest chopped his way to stardom on top chef and joins with us tips on creating meals that are tasty and healthy. good morning, sam. >> did you call me sizzling hot? >> i did, you are. you know that, right? >> thank you so much. i’ve never beenalled citizen sizzling hot. >> dao: how old are you when diagnosed with diabetes. >> about 11 years old. 20 odd years later i’m here doing wonderful recipe and working with a lot of seasonal pearcpears in oregon and washington. >> dao: how has that affected your cooking? >> i live by the philosophy as trying to eat as fresh and local as possible and using seasonal items all the time. when doing that and eating in mod recreatiomoderation and paying attention to what your body is ingesting, you can live a great, healthy long life with diabetes. >> dao: we understand you have a sweet tooth but that you like to use a lot of fresh fruits i



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