Salt Cod Cake

We’re cooking Salt Cod Cake with DeWolf Tavern.
for now we’re going tore head into the kitchen to see what patrick is cooking up ngthis morning. >> it’s hot here in te he morning. chef joining us again this mornin g. >> doing all right. >> hot in here. but it smells absolutely outstanding. ou we have salt cod cakes.ca i’ve had clam h cakes before. that’s popular around here. but as a native rhode islander, dethis is a newth one. >> something new andhi different. d but it’s still an excellentel dish. if salt cod andod cake gives it a nice –ni- you get theet nice saltiness from the cod, thhee fish, the flavorth from the codod itself, andse it’s very excellent. exliberty. >> when i think of clam cakes and i keep going back, it’s like the ball, it’s like — doughy kind of chewy. >> that’s kind of — this is going to be — >> kind of? >> this is going to be potatoes. >> this is bett ter fors er me. >> better and it will at tha it w attime



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