Salmon Florentine

Cascade Banquet facility in Hamden shows off a delicious and healthy Salmon Florentine recipe.
have to see. they will make sure you and your guests are well taken care of, and the ladies are back here in our kitchen. i have to start by saying i was recently at an event you hosted and it was beautiful. it is a huge banquet facility. >> hands and hall fashion show. >> it was great night. how many people do you serve there on any given night? >> we can hold up to 40. our average event is about 275, 300. >> it is a big venue. what are you making today? >> salmon florentine is that spinach? >> yes, it is. add olive oil, garlic, and i have this pan heating up and we will seer the salmon. there is a little bit of salt and pepper. >> and you put the spinach in there. it is similar foal make and healthy — simple to make and healthy too. the salmon, do you season that with anything? >> salt and pepper, make sure you pad it dry with paper towels so it doesn’t flare up. >> do you want to see



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