Salmon En Croute

Salmon En Croute
think about all of our hot topics. let us know, and we’ll get your thoughts on the air. aaron spring, we are done talking about chocolate. let’s talk about salmon. it will not be as damaging as chocolate. it is for, for the most part, a pretty healthy. >> — want to welcome you back. tell us about what you will be making. >> will be making salmon and croup. croup just means baked in pastry. it is a pretty easy dish. we will start by teaching you how to skin the salmon. >> unit said of the lemon and the bill. i know there is something on top. >> lemon. >> seen in the salmon, is there more than one way? >> there is. i like to use my own personal way. you can’t just use your hand. >> you’re like a grizzly bear. >> yes. >> why do this? i know that the salmon has been prepared with the skin on the. why you want to take it off? >> for this recipe, you do not want the crispness of the skin to b



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