Learn how to make sushi with Sakura, a hot spot for teppan dining!
suv and, hey, if you’re evend#í? watch theh roll or two ç’ but how about making one yourself. >> that would impress your friends wouldn’t it week sushi 101 on theg4b >> we’ll show you how to make sushi like a pro. wets6#5″uz the show. what did you bring? >> jerry will show us how to make a california roll. >> is this a difficult thing to do? >> not really. >> not for jerry,86? right? >> not for jerry. >> you have to have this, step one. >> you’ve got topuzgç g%cf your#p16 sea weed out. >> tell us what’s?ññ go into a california roll. >> blended sushi ri6 crab, cumber and avocado. >> th



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