Ruth’s Chris Stuffed Chicken

Chef Brett makes a delicious stuffed chicken breast.
european marble and granite. . >> oh, yeah, everything is bigger and bet area at ruth’s chris. stuffed chicken breast, relatively easy. you may have to make a special trip to your butcher. we will have the executive chef brett here with us today. brett you said to get started the cut of meat is probably one of the most important things. >> if you can go to the butcher shop at any grocery store and request — they may have them on the display, but it’s an airline chicken breast. i’ve got a double airline here association it would be split off there. it totally boneless. >> okay. so boneless. >> so that’s what we are going to use. first you need to make the stuffing. >> how do we do that? >> well, you can use a food processor. >> that’s a food processor. it looks like a high tech robot from nasa. >> everything is bigger at ruth’s chris, so is the equipment. you can use a bowl, mix it, but



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