Rustic Mashed Potatoes

Recipe from Lori Buckle from Fine Cooking Magazine
they are giving us pizzazz for your potatoes. we are making creamy, buttery, mashed potatoes. we welcome laurie back. >> thank you for having me. >> we are making interesting potatoes. >> we are making the best potatoes ever. people say how can i make this better and spice t up? you first have to choose your potato. this recipe is on our website at finecooking.com. and we have a virtual menu, you get a shopping list and a timeline. you’ll add tse potatoes to that menu. start by choosing the potato. we like the classic, this is a classic russet. potatoes. and you can use sweet potatoes if you have them handy. feel free to go the way you want. >> i like that. >> and then you have to peel. and some people say they don’t have the time to peel. >> i usually pel and throw them in hot water. >> don’t bother, you can leave the peel on to get the good nutrients and you get a rustic texture with a



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