Rustic Italian Cheeses

Rustic Italian cheeses
>>> this looks good monica rustic and cheeses and italian flavors. >> from italy. >> look at all this. >> that’s when we have here today. >> beautiful. where are we starting? don’t know where to start? i will start eating. >> what you have is an ageed with the fall season, the recipes and flavors that we are cooking with are becoming more intense. and the rustic cheese of italy really offer a lot of flavor so. those recipes. >> you have over here? >> this is a a sheep’s milk cheese pared with an extra creamy dolce and some presatow i was young version what have you are eating. >> can i have a young. >> yes you can. >> i will take a young and old. you can tell that’s young and this is old. that’s young. >> these are great. you can put these in cas rolls and dishes and something fun here is the sheep’s milk from italy you can see the black flaxal is flakes of truffles. flavor this emanates



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