Runners Prepared For Race With Pancakes

Runners prepared for race with pancakes in Branford.
local charities… along the he shoreline.the branford rotary club held it’s annual pancake br eakfast this morning… and as newschannel 8’s marc robbins tell ros us,, the tradition and taste make up the core of this event… o (nat sound sizzl e) sit’s the sizzle of osuccess.. the cc branford rotary club has been holding this breakfast for br more than 40 years!! 4the years of expe rience aid in the set up.. they’ve got the process of f eeding 1500 people pewith 3 thousand p ancakesas down to a t science.(bite 1:10:00 i think in so yes, we definately have we are quite efficient it works out well1;10:05) pancakes,, french toast,, plenty of to trimmings… it’s the classic as american breakfast, with a creative twist from fthe picasso of pancake makers… (1:06:57 start to judge what they look like when we flip them over. is there a pattern are they all one color. we start to grade on ho



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