Rumours & Innuendos

Lowertown District Deal
>> — you have to get outdoors, so you check out the lower town district in st. paul this weekend. >> yep. neighborhood, and it surounding the st. paul farmer’s market. we lined up a bunch of half-price deals to give you incentives to check it out. boy, that looks beautiful. >> today’s deal is ts rumors and inuendo. the front part of the bar has a lounge area perfect for grabbing a drink. on friday and saturday nights, the back room turns into a dance club with a dejay, sound-and-light show. everyone is welcome to go hang out. >> we just saw some dancing going on. >> to purchase a $50 gift card for 25 bucks, head to kstp.com. click on “twin cities live” and then check out our “deals” tab. while you’re there, we also have gift cards for black dog cafe, station 4, and bin wine bar. with that gift card, you can say, i’l take a round for everybody. everybody gets a drink on me. >> that’s mor



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