Rum Sauce Recipe

lindsay brooks shares her rum sauce recipe
those little seeds, so i used extract for this part of the recipe. the bread putting i have itself has that bean inside of it. >> very simple ingredients here. i would have ts stuff on zohan you’ve got the butter and brown sugar. is that the consistency we’re look field goal. >> yeah, that should be great. >> and the cream. >> i have about half of that. we only need about half a cup. >> all right. this is almost like a carmel sauce, right? warrior going going to bring it to a boil. bring it to a boil until it thickens to the stage you want it at. about a tablespoon of vanilla extract. >> okay. >> and then rum, i never really measure out, but you’re going to go for about two tablespoons or whatever you really like. >> now, this is a darker rum too. is that important to to use? >> this is going to have a lot more flavor. it has a strong, spice flavor rather than the ba cartdy or something



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