Rudolph’s Red Nose

Bartender David Porto of Cowesett Inn shows viewers how to make the holiday drink “Rudolph’s Red Nose.”
mangione, high witness news. news — eyewitness news.it n >> you know, it wouldn’t ben’ christmas without rudolph, would it? i don’t think so. that’s why we’re making a drink called rudolph’s red nose, it’s our 12 drinks of christmas. here to celebrate the holidays, we’re showing you fun and festive drinks for the holiday. david of cowesett inn. what are we making today, it’say the red nose of rudolph. this is non-alcoholic. >> could be adult friendly.ri >> show us how it’s made. >> we’re going tong start by putting lime and mint into the glass. whip up a little fresh mint.it take our muddler, add some simple syrup. >> what is simple syrup, i have to ask? >> suing hard s water. — sugar water. >> probably what my blood is at thisth point, the candy i’ve been eating. >> one ounce of cherry syrup. add our ice. >> whoa. wh i think you love mixing it.xi i >> and top it off with some soda wat



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