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Newport Vineyards
poll results, so for now head into the kitchen. >> we have lawrence brown from dewolf tavern and steve. dewolf tavern is the one placeeveryby ys he you be t dewolf tavern, you have to make sure you go and newport vineyards, everydy knows like great whites, it’s one of the motors favorite e vines, it’s delicious and sweet. whenever peoplsay i’m not really a wine drinker, what should i drink, i give them a bottle of great white to introduce them to wine, it’s so perfect. so we’re going to talk about how we put the food and the wine together, which is always a tricky subject for me. what do you recommend for this particular dish? >> because chef lawrence has done a spicey dish, slightly spicey, i’ve chosen the newport vineyards reese nk, which is a wonderful grape type for spicey food. a lot of people don’t know what reisling is. st reisling are dry or semi dry, but they’re wonderful for ma



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