Rs Nylo Seared Scallops 1

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>> i am, my friends. this is a finished product and this is our chef. ray, how are you? we are so pleased that you’re here today. today we are cooking pan seered scallops. correct? >> yes, sir. >> give me an idea and run down the ingredients. before you do that, i want to remind you, foxprovidence.com cook with us. if you want the ingredients that’s all you have to do. tell us what you got. >> sea scallops, dice pruchute, parmesan, scallions, risotto , oil, chablis, vegetable stock and chief oil to finish the dish >> we have a couple of spices. >> salt, pepper, parsley. >> nothing big. >> no. >> we’re going to saute it in the pan. keep the high heat right away seer them on each side, correct? >> yes. >> totally, how long will this from start to finish? >> 5-7 minutes maybe tops. >> we look forward to t we’re going to come back in a few minutes. foxprovidence.com. we a re keeping security



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