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The Rhode Show, May 6th 2010.
watch out, guys, because this morning, on “the rhode show,” i’m trying my hand at a new sport that is really catchingch on here in limb i rhodie — fencing. clear ? i just want to, sing a song for you ? >> oh, he’s going to. we’re going to hear from our fourth finalist in the big race contest, infusion experience. >> and we’re in the kitchen, cooking with the spiced pear at chandler, makinger crakib cakes. find the recipe rightre now at wmur.com. >> i love crovab cakes. es >> i’m really excitewood that. >> we’re going toin showw marilyn how rhode island does crab cakes. >> it’s beautifull there. the first floor we stayed in, it i has a jacuzzi and then youn go upstairs to the bedroom and it has heated tile floors. >> good morning, welcome to “the rhode show,” it is” tuesday,sd may 6, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> you are looking at me likee you want me tont tell the rest of the story.



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