RS May26

The Rhode Show, May 26th 2010.
? it’s a beautiful day ? >> all right, people. this is it. finale day for “american idol.” who is going to thank it all tonight? is it going to be crystal? is it going to be lee? we’ll talk about it with our experts. ? walk through the door think about it ? >> plus, rember our big break winners? the band rune? well, this morning we have a sneak peek at their professional music video shoot with the cardi’s. >> in>> the kitchen,en we’re making grilled bison with flemings. find the recipe right now onn foxprovidence.com. nc >> good morning, welcome to “the thrhode show,” it isw, wednesday,ay may 25. it’s going to be a hot one today. dai’m elizabeth hopkins. pk >>’m overdressed. i’m patrii’ckck little. i went with w the swea tterte yesterday. er big mistake. i’m ben hag ue. >> we’re not going to g talk too much a bout it, becboause i know you’re going to talk aboutng itbo i later, but we’ve



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