RS May24

The Rhode Show, May24th 2010
tell you how you and your family can have a wild and educational summer with roger williams park zoo. >> plus, we’re giving away tickets to the “american idol” live concert. all you have to do is watch and win for your chance.e. >> and in the kitchen, we’retc cooking with chef lawrence brown from dewolf tavern,n, making hazelnutln encrusted cod. there’s our guy, oney, of our faith chefs. he’s cooking u’sp hazelnut encrusted cod. >> goodoo start, ben. >> right now find the recipenec line at foxprovidence.com. ce >> can you please do your monday cheer. >> see if you can frame me up. >> i don’t know how i did it, but i was like, monday, it’s monday. >> and they go like this withh their arms. >> what ben was doing while we were trying to read the news earlier this morning. come o n backck down. come on back down before you give the people ine i production a heart attack, like our director, m



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