RS May20

The Rhode Show, May 20th 2010.
? ? let me in ? >> this morning on “the rhode show,” the final two will face off in the “american idol” finale are revealed. they make such sweeter sounds than i do. who at home? plus, we’ll announce the winner of the fay familyt fly-away. >> and a sneak peek at thehe ocean house before it isho opened back up to the public.e ic >> and in>> the kitchen, it’s k the amazingg racepe, do you like that, we’re ‘r cooking with detectives michael and louie. we’re making saturday night you’ll find out whatu’ thatint is, but find out the recipe right now at foxprovidence.com. >> i thought they would be in their headd to toe white suit, johnhn travolta, saturvoday night. n >> second day in aon row, you have been i n raren form. orwhat are you eating?ng >> chia seeds. don’t tell the people abo put the chia seeds. you know the seedskn that come on a chia pet? et turns out y ou can eat them. >> gets yo



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