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The Rhode Show, May 2nd 2010
? she whispers into my ear, all those things i begged her not toer say ? >> this morning on “the rhode show,” we are listening to the finalists in our big break contest and today, we’ll hear from one of the wifrnners.ne >> plus,>> last week we told you that there was a 50% chance that a rhode island team was going to win the amazing race. so what are the odds this morning after last night’sht episode? we’ll find out. >> mr. skwrao: in the kitchen, we’re cooking with the cardi’s for mother’s day. that’s a lot of people in that kitchen. they’re going to whip upp pasta and pizza. >> and apparently we’re going to cook with each ofok them in e different segments. good morning to “the rhode t show,” it is monday, may 3, , 2010, i’m elizabeth hopki’ins.h >> good morning, i’m patrick little. >> i’m ben hague.ue >> it was a busy weekend. you were in theu pearade, right?ig >> yes, i>> was y in i t



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