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The Rhode Show, May 19th 2010.
>> this morning on “the rhode ow,” it is down to the wire on “american idol,” as the three finalists sing for your votes and make it to the finale. >> whether it’s britney, dave mathews or maybe you just have your phone on vibrate, but what you have as your ring tone says a lot about you, so we headed to see what yours is. and in thehe kitchen, we’re cooking with riverside kitchen to make the tracey whom let and making homefriesma h asri well. find today’s recipe at foxprovidence.com and guesse. what, you canyo make it for breakfast. >> we’re a little concerned l because rick is onck our studio camera over here, and he is not n a fan of the egg. >> no. >> we’ll keep rick out of the kitchen. >> he eats everything else, so i e, don’t know why eggs bother him. e >> i’m ready to t go, it’s aa good show. i’m going to come crashing down. you know knwhat, how often is it on “the rhode show”od t



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