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The Rhode Show, May 18th 2010.
show,” summer is almost here, which means it’s time to slip on the open toed sandals and shoes and we’ll show you this season’s hottest shoes. >> plus, they always say behind every good man is a good woman. today we’re meeting the man behind frankie valli andli thend four seasons. >> and they are right.nd >> speaking good s men, we have awe couple of them joining us inng the kitchen this morning. m mike and rocco, they’re goingoi to make seafood sdalad this morning. find the recipe on lined a lt foxprovidence.com. >> good morning and welcome to “the rhode deshow,” it is tuesday, april 18, 2010, i’m elizabet20h iz hopkins. >> i’m patrick little. >> i’m ben hague. >> you had a great day of golf yesterday. >> i did. a fund raiser outing for my high school, providence country day, at the lovely country club,cl big high rollers. >> big deal. >> kind of a big deal. b >> kind of a big deal arou



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