RS May17

The Rhode Show, May 17th 2010.
>> then we’re taking you on the water. pulling our boat up to t an east bay favorite restaurant. one of mine, dewolf tavern. >> in fact,n dewolf tavern is here w ith us. we’re going toto make lobster povers. po find the recipe on lineip at foxprovidence.com. >> to which i do one of these. >> lobster povers. ering at thehe dewolf tavern is so amazing and everybody talks about that. every time dewolf tavern comes through, everybody says one of the top restaurants in town. >> and i can walk over there from my house. >> aids ins the digestion. welcome to “the rhode show,” it’s monday,it may 17, 2010. i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m patrick little. >> i’m ben hague. b >> what did w you guys do this weekend? en>> i had a super busy weekend. i had a friend in town andow i a took him onok the tour of new o england. >> how is cliff walk this time of year? >> we did cliff walk in new england yesterd



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