RS May11

The Rhode Show, May 11th 2010.
rhode show,”e barringtonn brothers dan jordan are here and they’re fresh off their winf from the amazing race. >> looks like the t amazing race right here in our kitchen. plus a new horror movie has started shooting in rhode island. what big names have signed on to the project.ct >> ben ran into somebody. >> i did. in the kitchen, we welcome back the spiced pear,icea we’re making english pea pure reand spiced gnocchi. patrick little,it do you say gnocchi orgn gnocchi?? >> gnocchi. it seems fancy with the english peas puree and the divers scallops. >> we had to have a fancy dish with all the big guests. >> welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s tuesday, mayma 11, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins.ho >> i’m patrick little.ic >> i’m ben hague. >> it’s going to be a very funy show. as a matter of fact, the detectives — >> busy green. >> the detectives, who w ere on “the amazing race,” everybody is wal



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