RS May10

The Rhode Show, May 10th 2010.
big finish, at the amazing race. our local brothers from barrington will take it all and a we’ll show you t’lheir jouherney. >> plus, aus little bundle of joy is cementing a special bond between twon sisters for mother’s day. we’ll tell y why. >> mr. skwrao: and in the kitchen, we’re making pan seared tuna with h2o. find the recipfie on line at foxprovidence.com. >> it is monday, may 10, 2010, i’m elizabeth hopkins.abho >> good morning, i’m patrick little. i hope you had a great weeadkend. >> i’m ben hague.be >> what did you do for the weekend. >> pat made an appearance at one of my shows, i calledca him out in theth audience. his first joke rightst out of htthe block was right at me, that was good, we broke the ice and ben told m e how good he was at h what he does — >> i never said. >> he’s always saying oh you guys, i’m so good. >> now we’ve botowh seen him and he really is good. >>



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