RS Mar31

The Rhode Show, March 31st 2010.
that’s right they’re the rockets- and this morning they are here with us live in studio- with that infamous kickline- ===== “oh you got to …please her === (pl) plus- idol’s top ten perform- and the competition is starting to get good- we’l l talk about our favorites. (eh) and in the kitchen we are making some easter side dishes sh with nicks on broadway- you can find the recipes online now at fox providence vi dot co (lil ly) good morni welcome to theto rhode show- it’s wednesday, march 31, 2010 i’m im elizabeth hopkins- (pl) good morning, i’m ng patrick little-pale (pl) good morning, i’m patrick little- le ben’s out live today- but we’ll check in with him later (eh) (eh) the flooding is di causing such an overwhelming mes s in the state — in fact, president obama has declared a federal emergency in rhode island. state offices are closed and governor carcieri is now asking that all no



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