RS Mar29

The Rhode Show, March 29th 2010.
seared sea bass0 s and vanilla lanage. >> that chef is just i jgreat. look at him h focused. >> head down working hard. h >> mixing up his ngavment e. good morning welcome to the the rhodes show. it is mond ay march 29th, 20010. i’m patrickm littleic >> ushg. did you already say your name? na >> i did.d focus onfo the sea ba sss and looking forward to giving that ain try. this weekend. en>> what did you do this weekend weekend? >> my wife went away to virginia to visit h er best friend, you know i had the two kids. thankfully my inlaws are close by. so they helpedso outel >> and it didn’t rain >> i was radiculopathy toth have this great story, gstuys weeuykend ke >> i call ital my guacamole weekend. >> you know. y do sort of thet guy thing. trash the house a little bit.b you know. >> how did it go?o? it didn’t.. my poor little guy conner was sick. is still sick.ck a littlea bug going aro



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